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Common Carrier: Company that provides telecommunication services to the general public.
Pay Telephone Providers: Company that is registered to provide payphone services.
Competitive Local Exchange Carrier: Local telephone company that competes against the incumbent.
Data Local Exchange Carrier: Company that provides data services.
Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier: Local telephone company that is the incumbent in the area.
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1 800 Collect, Inc.800-284-2913Click for website
1 Starview Solutions LP888-399-4329Click for website
186 Communications, LLC888-365-4186Click for website
365 Wireless, LLC888-820-4540Click for website
800 Response Information Services, LLC800-639-1650Click for website
A.R.C. Networks, Inc. Click for website
Access Long Distance, Inc.866-818-6183Click for website
Access One, Inc. Click for website
Access Point, Inc.800-957-6468Click for website
AccessLine Communications Corp.877-880-0055Click for website
AccessPlus Communications, Inc.978-499-9164Click for website
Achieve Telecom Network of Massachusetts, LLC888-743-1144Click for website
ACN Communication Services, Inc.877-226-1010Click for website
Advanced Telecommunications Network800-555-4286Click for website
Advantage Telecommunications, Corp.800-841-4614Click for website
Affinity Network Incorporated(866)493-2741Click for website
Affordable Long Distance, LLC1-866-657-4742Click for website
Airespring, Inc.888-389-2899Click for website
Airnex Communications, Inc.800-708-4884Click for website
Airus, Inc. fka IntelePeer, Inc.888-380-2721Click for website
Alliance Global Networks LLC800-756-2236Click for website
Alliance Group Services, Inc.800-756-2236Click for website
American Payphone Services, Inc.800-649-2952Click for website
American Phone Services Corp.800-711-1323Click for website
American Telecommunications Systems, Inc.800-961-4245Click for website
American Telephone Company, LLC405-755-8177Click for website
AmericaTel Corporation888-801-0123Click for website
Americom Technologies, Inc.617-823-4484Click for website
AmeriVision Communications, Inc.800-755-1844Click for website
ANPI Business, LLC877-366-2674Click for website
ANPI, LLC877-366-2674Click for website
Arch Lighting Group, Inc.508-823-8277 on PremisesClick for website
Association Administrators, Inc.800-804-2100Click for website
AT&T Corp.800-222-0300Click for website
ATC Outdoor DAS, LLC1-877-282-7483Click for website
ATX Telecommunications Services800-220-2891Click for website
Axia NG Networks USA, Inc617-535-7530Click for website
Backbone Communications, Inc.800-987-1111Click for website CLEC, LLC800-808-5150Click for website
Barr Tell USA, Inc.212-226-4420Click for website
BCE Nexxia Corporation888-879-2272Click for website
BCN Telecom, Inc.800-768-2852Click for website
BellSouth Long Distance, Inc.800-489-4951Click for website
BetterWorld Telecom, LLC866-567-2273Click for website, Inc.805-560-8900Click for website
Billing Services of America, Inc.877-773-2888Click for website
Birch Communicatons Inc.888-275-0777Click for website
Block Line Systems, LLC.1-888-808-6111Click for website
Boston Saturn, Inc./Saturn of Quincy888-923-3663Click for website
BridgeCom International, Inc. Click for website
BridgeConnex, LLC888-749-3510Click for website
BridgeVoice, Inc.1-888-746-4020Click for website
Broadband Dynamics, LLC800-277-1580Click for website
Broadview Networks, Inc.800-BROADVIEWClick for website
Broadview NP Acquisition Corp.800-260-8766Click for website
Broadvox-CLEC, LLC877-884-6597Click for website
Broadwing Communications, LLC814-260-2000Click for website
BT Communications Sales LLC Click for website
Budget PrePay, Inc.888-424-5588Click for website
Buehner-Fry, Inc.514-617-2933Click for website
BullsEye Telecom, Inc.877-638-2855Click for website
Business Discount Plan, Inc.949-798-7020Click for website
Business Network Long Distance, Inc.800-421-9739Click for website
Business Telecom, LLC800-849-2111Click for website
CapeNet, LLC857-496-1752Click for website
Cassidian Communications. Inc.1-888-322-4200Click for website
Cause Based Commerce Incorporated877-474-3662Click for website
CBB Carrier Services, Inc.877-570-7827Click for website
Cbeyond Communications, LLC Click for website
CCG Communications, LLC800-788-5737Click for website
Central Telecom Long Distance, Inc.1-888-988-9818Click for website
CenturyLink Communications, LLC1-866-642-0444Click for website
Certain Communications Corporation310-933-6500Click for website
Charter Fiberlink MA-CCO, LLC866-207-3663Click for website
Choice One Communications of MA, Inc.888-832-5801Click for website
Churchill Investments, Inc.800-343-8585Click for website
Cincinnati Bell Any Distance, Inc.1-800-571-6601Click for website
Citrix Communications, LLC855-673-2532Click for website
Clear Rate Communications, Inc.877-877-4799Click for website
Clear World Communications CorporationBilling 800-569-5324/Inquiry 8Click for website
Cloud Computing Concepts, LLC1-877-247-4949Click for website
Comcast Phone of Massachusetts, Inc.800-633-4266Click for website
Common Point LLC877-366-2674Click for website
Commonwealth Telephone Co., Inc.800-439-7170Click for website
Communications Network Billing, Inc.800-407-2047Click for website
ComTech21, LLC877-312-5564Click for website
Conectado, Inc.1-877-525-6069Click for website
Consumer Telcom, Inc. Click for website
Convergia, Inc.800-293-7778Click for website
Conversent Communications of Massachusetts, Inc.800-275-2088Click for website
Cooperative Communications, Inc.800-833-2700Click for website
CoreTel Communications, Inc.800-851-3777Click for website
CornerStone Telephone Company, LLC866-240-1912Click for website
Cox Rhode Island Telcom, LLC401-383-2000Click for website
CPMC, Inc.800-950-2762Click for website
CRC Communications, LLC207-688-8811Click for website
Crexendo Business Solutions, Inc.866-621-6111Click for website
Crocker TeleCommunications, LLC866-633-1213Click for website
Crown Correctional Telephone, Inc.888-814-4549 or 866-933-2150Click for website
CTC Communications Corp.800-883-6300Click for website
Custom Network Solutions, Inc.800-809-0663Click for website
Custom Teleconnect, Inc.800-672-9080Click for website
Cypress Communications Operating Co., LLC888-528-1788Click for website
DCT Telecom Group, Inc. Click for website
DeltaCom, LLC800-239-3000Click for website
dishNET Wireline, LLC855-347-3474Click for website
DSCI Corporation866-438-3724Click for website
DSI-ITI, LLC877-650-4249Click for website
Dynalink Communications, Inc.212-352-7307Click for website
EarthLink Business, LLC855-965-0180Click for website
Easton Telecom Services, LLC330-659-6700Click for website
EasyLink Services, Corp.800-624-5266Click for website
Electric Lightwave, LLC800-727-8484Click for website
Embarq Communications, Inc.800-877-3345Click for website
Encompass Communications, LLC800-530-4896Click for website
Enhanced Communications Group, LLC918-333-8833Click for website
Enhanced Communications Network, Inc.800-354-1606Click for website
EnTelegent Solutions, Inc.800-975-7192Click for website
Entrix Telecom, Inc.*800-889-9126Click for website
ESI Advanced Wireless Networks, LLC866-342-2900Click for website
Eureka Telecom, Inc. Click for website
ExteNet Systems, Inc.866-342-2900Click for website
FairPoint Business Services LLC800-400-5568Click for website
Fiber Technologies Networks, LLC866-697-5100Click for website
First Choice Technology, Inc.888-598-0672Click for website
First Communications, LLC800-274-1015Click for website
Flyp Communications, Inc.617-313-2755Click for website
France Telecom Corporate Solutions, LLC866-280-3726Click for website
Freedom Ring Communications, LLC800-639-9896Click for website
Frontier Communications of America, Inc.800-727-1653Click for website
G3 Telecom USA, Inc.888-315-3050Click for website
Gardner American Legion, Post 129 Click for website
GC Pivotal, LLC1-866-226-4244Click for website
Genesis Fiber Communications, LLC617-475-5090Click for website
Global Crossing Local Services Inc.800-414-1973Click for website
Global Crossing Telecommunications, Inc.800 249 4672Click for website
Global Tel*Link Corporation703-955-3910Click for website
Global Telecom & Technology Americas Inc.866-767-2767Click for website
Go Solo Technologies, Inc.800-920-7656Click for website
Gold Line Telemanagement, Inc.800-803-4410Click for website
GPCS Fiber Communications, Inc.888-520-0688Click for website
Granby Telephone LLC413-467-9911Click for website
Granite Telecommunications, LLC866 847-5500Click for website
Grasshopper Group, LLC800-820-8210Click for website
Hamdan, Monjid S.617-899-7270Click for website
Hypercube Telecom, LLC866-905-1735Click for website
iBasis Retail, Inc.877-291-9783Click for website
IBFA Acquistion Company, LLC800-362-3276Click for website
IDT America Corp.800-889-9126Click for website
Impact Telecom, Inc.866-557-8918Click for website
IMR Telecom Click for website
inContact, Inc.866-541-0000Click for website
iNET Communications, LLC1-855-463-8662Click for website
iNetworks Group, Inc.312-212-0822Click for website
Inmark, Inc.800-460-0556Click for website
Inmate Calling Solutions, LLC888-506-8407Click for website
Integrated Services, Inc.800-441-5395Click for website
Intelletrace, Inc.800-618-5877Click for website
Intellicall Operator Services, Inc.800 458-4950Click for website
Intellifiber Networks, Inc877-228-7658Click for website
Internap Connectivity LLC877-843-7627Click for website
International Network Solutions, LLC1-866-288-2187Click for website
International Telcom, Ltd. Click for website
Internet and Telephone, LLC888-724-7638Click for website
Interstate Telecommunications, Inc.800-257-6290Click for website
Intrado Communications, Inc.877-856-7504Click for website
IPC Network Services, Inc.888-286-2343Click for website
Jaroth, Inc.888-420-6700Click for website
JLR Communications, Inc.888-216-1337Click for website
KDDI America, Inc.888-833-2678Click for website
Last Mile Solutions, LLC774-641-6080Click for website
Lattice Incorporated1-888-843-1979Click for website
LCR Telecommunications, L.L.C.877-554-7958Click for website
LDC Telecommunications, Inc. Click for website
LDMI Telecommunications, Inc. Click for website
Legacy Long Distance International, Inc.1-800-577-5534Click for website
Legent Comm LLC866-469-0829Click for website
Leon A. Cote800-610-5291Click for website
Level 3 Communications, LLC814-260-2000Click for website
Light Tower Fiber, LLC978-264-6000Click for website
Lightower Fiber Networks II, LLC ("LFN")1-888-583-4237Click for website
Lightship Telecom, LLC877-548-7447 or 781-768-2300Click for website
Local Access, LLC1-866-841-7898Click for website
Locus Telecommunications, Inc.800-939-1258Click for website
Long Distance Access, Inc.866-818-6183Click for website
Long Distance Consolidated Billing Co.800-645-1960Click for website
LoTel, Inc888-849-9773Click for website
M.B.E. Coin Phone, LLC Click for website
Massachusetts Local Telephone Company, Inc.888-248-MLTCClick for website
MassComm, Inc.866-791-6277Click for website
Master Call Communications, Inc.800-816-7907Click for website
Matrix Telecom, Inc.888-411-0111Click for website
McGraw Communications, Inc.888-543-2000Click for website
MCI Communications Services, Inc.800-275-0100Click for website
MCImetro Access Transmission Services of MA Inc.800-275-0100Click for website
McLeodUSA Telecommunications Services , Inc.800-500-3453Click for website
MegaCLEC, Inc.508-646-0020Click for website
MegaPath Corporation888-642-6823Click for website
Merrimack Education Center978-275-1600Click for website
Metropolitan Telecommunications of MA, Inc.877-METTEL-1 or 877-638-8351Click for website
Miracle Communications, Inc.805-374-2460Click for website
Mitel Cloud Services, Inc.800-821-1661Click for website
MMG Holdings, Inc.888-237-3966Click for website
Mobilitie, LLC877-999-7070Click for website
Momentum Telecom, Inc.*1-877-271-0236Click for website
Mosaic Networx LLC866-724-2605Click for website
Multiline Long Distance, Inc.800-985-6407Click for website
National Directory Assistance, LLC Click for website
Nationwide Long Distance Service, Inc.800-853-7409Click for website
Navigator Telecommunications, LLC877-762-8835Click for website
NECC Telecom, Inc.800-766-2642Click for website
NEON Connect, Inc.1-800-891-5080Click for website
Net One International, Inc.888-426-4968Click for website
NetTalk.Com, Inc.305-621-1200Click for website
Netwolves Network Services, LLC.813-579-3224Click for website
Network Billing Systems, LLC888-301-1721Click for website
Network Communications International Corp.888-686-3699Click for website
Network Enhanced Technologies, Inc.888-979-3155Click for website
Network Innovations, Inc.1-888-450-2100Click for website
Network Operator Services, Inc.800-530-4897Click for website
Network Service Billing, Inc.800-745-2479Click for website
NetworkIP, LLC877-638-7762Click for website
Neutral Tandem-Massachusetts, LLC888-682-6336Click for website
New England Municipal Telephone Associates, LLC800-547-0090Click for website
New England Payphone, Inc. (ceased 2011? See notes)866-637-7297Click for website
New Horizons Communications Corp.781-290-4600 or 781-290-4612Click for website
NextG Networks of New York, Inc.866-446-3984Click for website
NextGen Communications, Inc800-959-3749Click for website
Nextlink Wireless, LLC877-714-6398Click for website
NHB Public Communications, Inc.888 678 2933Click for website
NMG Telecom, LLC212-444-1600Click for website
NobelTel,LLC800-986-6235Click for website
Norfolk County Internet, Inc.800-360-4010Click for website
NorLight Telecommunications, Inc.877-599-3285Click for website
Norstar Telecommunications, LLC Click for website
North Atlantic Networks, LLC508-339-0482Click for website
NOS Communications, Inc.(888) 569-4667Click for website
NOSVA Limited Partnership888-569-4667Click for website
NovaTel Ltd., Inc.888-765-6682Click for website
NSC Service Corporation800-559-1040Click for website
NUTEL Communications, Inc.1-855-854-8326Click for website
OneLink Communications, Inc.800-557-4033Click for website
ONLINE SAVINGS, INC.877-271-5582Click for website
Onvoy, LLC800-933-1224Click for website
OpenCape Corporation888-253-2561Click for website
Operator Service Company, LLC Click for website
OPEX Communications, Inc.888-577-7266Click for website
Pac-West Telecomm, Inc.877-626-4325Click for website
PaeTec Communications, Inc.877-340-2600Click for website
Pay Tel Communications, Inc.800-729-8355Click for website
Payphone, LLC800-380-4427Click for website
Peerless Network of Massachusetts, LLC888-380-2721Click for website
PEG Bandwith MA, LLC610-660-4910Click for website
Pelzer Communications Corporation866-626-1608Click for website
PNG Telecommunications, Inc.800-860-9495Click for website
Primus Telecommunications, Inc.800-877-4687Click for website
Public Communications Services, Inc.888-350-1000Click for website
Public Interest Network Services, Inc.800-835-6299Click for website
Public Wireless, Inc.408-263-4600Click for website
Pulse Telecom, LLC502-327-0055Click for website
Quality Telephone Inc.214-884-1750Click for website
QuantumShift Communications, Inc.888-994-1000Click for website
RCLEC, Inc.1-888-898-4591Click for website
RCN-BecoCom, LLC1-800-746-4276Click for website
Reduced Rate Long Distance, LLC866-367-7753Click for website
Regal Auto Parts, Inc.800-421-1041Click for website
Reliable Pay Telephone, Inc.800-718-5192Click for website
Reliance Globalcom Services, Inc.877-740-6600Click for website
Reliant Communications, Inc.800-810-2199Click for website
Residential Long Distance, Inc.888-536-6017Click for website
Richmond Connections, Inc.1-866-240-1912Click for website
Richmond Telephone Company866-240-1912Click for website
Roman LD, Inc.888-227-2759Click for website
RRV Enterprises, Inc.800-329-0910Click for website
SBC Long Distance, LLC Click for website
Securus Technologies, Inc.800-559-1535Click for website
SegTEL, Inc.800-890-1744Click for website
SelecTel, Inc.386-492-7927Click for website
Sentinel Tree Telephone Company, Inc.508-299-8013Click for website
Silv Communication Inc.888-723-2199Click for website
SNET America, Inc.800-808-7638Click for website
Sovernet Fiber Corp877-877-5150Click for website
Spectrotel of New England, LLC888-773-9722Click for website
Sprint Communications Company, L.P.1-855-848-3280Click for website
STi Prepaid, LLC888-784-8750Click for website
STI Telecom Inc.617-595-8527Click for website
Stratus Networks, Inc. (fka Access2go, Inc.)1-866-822-2246Click for website
Streamline Networks, Inc.866-863-1035 Ext. 2Click for website
Sunesys, LLC1-800-286-6664Click for website
Symbiont, Inc.800-796-2466Click for website
Synergem Technologies, Inc.336-808-0911Click for website
Taconic TelCom Corp.866-984-2001Click for website
Taconic Telephone Corporation800-TACONICClick for website
Talk America Services, LLC501-537-0769Click for website
Talk America, Inc.800-291-9699Click for website
TDS Long Distance Corporation1-888-CALL-TDSClick for website
Telco Experts, LLC1-800-795-6200Click for website
Tele Circuit Network Corp.877-835-3247Click for website
Telecare, Inc.800-466-1550Click for website
Telecom Management, Inc.888-492-6878Click for website
Telecom North America Inc. (formerly) 3U Telecom, Inc.800-972-7538Click for website
Teleconnect Long Distance Services & Systems Co. Click for website
Teledias Communications, Inc.800-215-9606Click for website
Teleport Communications America, LLC888-227-3824Click for website
Teletrust, Inc.800-998-7893Click for website
TeleUno, Inc.800-240-1109Click for website
Televend, Inc. Click for website
Televergence Solutions, Inc.800-706-5199Click for website
Telmex USA, LLC954-517-7300Click for website
Telrite Corporation678-202-1292Click for website
Think 12 Corporation1-800-615-3902Click for website
Time Warner Cable Business LLC877-636-3278Click for website
Time Warner Cable Information Services (Mass.) LLC866-321-CABLE (2225) or 518-24Click for website
TIP Systems, LLC (Operator Services)1-888-646-6286Click for website
TIP Systems, LLC (Payphone)888-6-INMATEClick for website
TNCI Operating Company LLC800-360-1902Click for website
Total Access Telecom, Inc.877-654-1536Click for website
Total Call International, Inc.800-211-8096Click for website
Total Holdings, Inc.1-800-486-4030Click for website
Touch 1 Communications, Inc.800-286-8241Click for website
Touchtone Communications, Inc.800-266-4006Click for website
Transbeam, Inc.212-683-8330Click for website
Tremcom International, Inc.800-350-7466Click for website
Tri-M Communications, Inc888-965-8620Click for website
Tricom USA, Inc.800-788-7859Click for website
TTI National, Inc.800-437-1140Click for website
TTUSA Acquisition, Inc.800-287-7626Click for website
TVC Albany, Inc.518-598-0940Click for website
TW Telecom Data Services LLC303-566-1000Click for website
Twin City Capital, LLC877-271-5582Click for website
U.S. South Communications, Inc.800-305-6009Click for website
U.S. Telecom Long Distance, Inc.888-299-6618Click for website
United Telemanagement Systems, Inc.800-225-8352Click for website
Universal Telephone Services Corp.800-880-5157Click for website
USA Digital Communications, Inc.800-598-7949Click for website
Value-Added Communications, Inc.800-777-9759Click for website
Vanco US, LLC312-881-4731Click for website
Velocity, The Greatest Phone Company Ever, Inc. Click for website
Verizon Enterprise Solutions LLC800-837-4966/800-VERIZONClick for website
Verizon Long Distance LLC800-837-4966 / 800-VERIZONClick for website
Verizon New England, Inc.888-382-6500Click for website
Verizon Select Services, Inc.800-483-6222Click for website
Vodafone US, Inc. (fka) Vodafone Global Enterprise, Inc1-855-377-8360Click for website
Voicecom Telecommunications, LLC888-554-7835Click for website
Voxbeam Telecommunications, Inc.321-710-6898Click for website
WDT World Discount Telecommunications, Co.(888) 353-0808Click for website
Wholesale Carrier Services, Inc.888-280-4927Click for website
Wide Voice, LLC866-508-9020Click for website
WilTel Communications, LLC Click for website
WiMacTel, Inc888-476-0881Click for website
Windstream Communications, Inc.888-925-5835Click for website
Wing Kueng Corporation Click for website
Working Assets Funding Service, Inc.800 788-0898Click for website
Worldwide Marketing Solutions, Inc.1-800-693-3492Click for website
X2Comm, Inc.866-330-4322Click for website
XO Communications Services LLC888-575-6398Click for website
Yak Communications (America) Inc.305-993-6700Click for website
YMax Communications Corp.888-230-0060Click for website
Zayo Group, LLC800-390-6094Click for website